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Add your name to the list of freelance writers I shop around to publishers and potential hiring people.

If you think you are not getting enough work and you think you're a great writer then it's simply a case of connecting with the people who are absolutely desperate for great writers.

I assume you already subscribe to the mosh pits of mediocrity that is other writing services and get pissed at the 20% chunk they take from you. Well, this service takes nothing.

This writing service is free,both at the point at the introduction and transaction. You do know how to send out a Paypal or Stripe request don't you?

You can sort out your own client management and invoicing, I will share your details with all the publishers.

Apply using the link above, at the moment it's just a Google form, because we are building fast. The form is dropped into a dbase which then spits out a list. It is then picked over and analysed by ravanous creatures called publishers who are desperate to suck the words out of your brain and into their content.

This site may be a bit rough and ready, but the function is there and security and privacy are at the forefront.

My take a few days to process your form, but will let you know over email if you made it on the list as we don't accept everyone so as to keep the quality high.

Publishers, apply to access the list and find great writers for hire

Find me, hunt me down, ping me on Linkedin or any other means of communication you can get your hands on.

There will soon be a cool form to fill out and a search function to allow you to seek the word alchemists you require

But, until then just tell me what you need and we can have a look if we can fulfil your desires. This is not rocket science, you simply need to connect to the right person and pay them huge amounts of cash to let them create cotnent magic.

Why does Krowdog exist

New Years day and I suddenly realise, I have a huge amount of online writer friends who never seem to get enough work, and I have a huge amount of online publisher friends who are desperate for content that rocks the house and have the big, fat wallet to make it happen. And I all need to do is to connect them.

Sure I could set up a system and charge 20% like the other sites, but this seems too easy, as all I do is connect the two parties and say, "yep, this one is good". So I decided, let; just do it for free and see what happens

Although I do need to eat, have you seen the price of donuts these days? So I am offering a consultation service for publishers, let them tap into my knowledge and experience of 20 years of producing content online and even help them find the right person if not on the list.

If you feel you do need the extra special sauce and you have large amounts of cash, get in touch and I will help you out.

Let's be clear, this thing is an experiment, although it seems simple enough, I have already got people writing work. SEO people particular like to use me as they find writers a bit odd to talk to and want to find the ones who can right copy which makes the brain fizz.